Sami J Photography

The Petalcoop

25 fev 2019

If you’re a flower lover like me, you need to make a stop at The Petal Coop!

Natalie is not only so talented to make flowers arrangements, but she is also so good at having a great variety of flowers which I haven’t seen anywhere else.

petalcoop_016 petalcoop_007_2 petalcoop_008_2 petalcoop_013 petalcoop_014 petalcoop_017 petalcoop_019 petalcoop_020 petalcoop_021 petalcoop_022 petalcoop_023 petalcoop_002

Hope these pictures can inspire you to make a visit to The Petal Coop, a flower bar shop at the Maven District, in Salt Lake City.